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...And here, gentle readers, be dragons.

    A Night to Remember [NC-17]
    Summary: [V/C slash - Episode 1] The beginnings of a beautiful friendship. Carrot begins to see his commander in a new light.

    Betrayal [NC-17]
    chapters: 3
    Summary: [V/C slash - Episode 2] Vimes becomes aware of the depth of his feelings for Carrot. And the bond between them is tested when Vetinari suspects something...

    Missing! [PG-13]
    chapters: 11
    Summary: [V/C slash - Episode 3] Carrot is abducted and the kidnappers are not nice people. Vimes is beside himself; how much is he willing to risk to get Carrot back?
    [Implied slash, but smut-free. Rating for Darkness and some language]

    Broken [PG-13]
    chapters: 8
    Summary: [V/C slash - Episode 4] Carrot has recovered from his dreadful kidnapping and everyone is happy. But its effects have been far-reaching, and things don't stay normal for long... (Implied slash. Rating for dark scene and mild language).

    A Changing Moon [NC-17]
    chapters: 2
    Summary: AU in which Vimes has been bitten by a werewolf while in Uberwald. Grrr. [And Vimes isn’t married to Sybil. I rather like Sybil but she didn’t fit the story] The bite just took a while to take affect.

Mistress Arion
    Long Dark Night [NC-17]
    chapters: 2
    Summary: Sam Vimes is forced to stand by helplessly as Lord Vetinari is tortured almost beyond endurance. As Vetinari prepares to die, he and Sam must deal with a few emotional "loose ends" - one kiss later and Sam's world turns upside-down. Fortunately (or perhaps not!) they escape, and must live with the consequences.

    Aftermath [NC-17]
    chapters: 7
    Summary: An unexpected relationship develops when Vetinari helps Vimes recover from a traumatic kidnapping.
    [Warning: Explicit Vimes/Vetinari slash; implied violence and torture]

    In This Room [NC-17]
    Summary: A sequel to 'Aftermath'. Not sex-centric, but NC-17 to be safe. Political disagreements and sex don't mix -- or do they? This is set several months after my ‘Aftermath’ story, which means a year or more after ‘The Fifth Elephant’ in the real Discworld universe. I’ve made no attempt to be Pratchett-esque. The story just didn’t want to be written that way.