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     Okay, for those who simply have to know... I'm English, I love Discworld, and since 1989 I've had an incurable (and probably unhealthy) obsession with Samuel Vimes. This, combined with an overactive imagination, has led me to write some weird and fanciful fanfic (there are no other words for it) which I've now decided to inflict on you. Nice, aren't I?


Jo Bendle

     manx lives at the bottom of the world in New Zealand, and is currently nowhere near to completing her BA. Or, say, picking a major. She discovered the Discworld in 6th form maths, gaining a whopping 32% in her final exam, but managing to read and reread all avaliable Discworld books in the process. Somewhere inside her is a perfect story, all about Angua or Susan. Alas, alak, it has not yet surfaced. In the real world, manx spends her time spending her student loan money on finding the perfect cocktail which, like the perfect story, remains elusive.

Miss Malice
     MM (a.k.a. Elefwin) is an occasional writer, a spontaneous artist and a reading maniac whose idea of Heaven is the L-space. Math & Computers education is permanently at war with humanitarian instincts in her, with some weird results. She likes music, cats, chocolate and word games. She is deeply and hopelessly in love with Discworld in general and one Havelock Vetinari in particular. And she'll shut up now and go create something... probably malicious '-)

Mistress Arion
     I'm Mistress Arion (a.k.a Ladie Deathe) and I'm a Vimes/Vetinari, Gandalf/Frodo, Snape/Dumbledore 'shipper from hell. I tend to wear black, smoke like a chimney, and collect both cats and tattoos with disturbing frequency. All this while maintaining a day job as Assistant Director of Nursing at a huge Christian Eldercare community for the wealthy. In the "real world" (ho ho) I'm also a nursing industry consultant and the author of numerous published articles on workplace management. If the image you have of me scares you, you probably have it right. Oh yeah, and I'm currently living and lurking in Southern Ohio, USA.

     Rajrr is a teenage girl who is somehow still stuck in high school way up there in Toronto, Canada. When she's not writing she's asleep, or eating, which is just a better way of saying she writes all the time. Apparently she has a nifty way of expressing herself, or at least that's what she's told. She firmly believes that everyone has one really good story in them somewhere, but that it takes true courage to get it out.

     I live in St. Louis, own two cats [Mulder and Scully], and speak fluent British. In addition to my love of the Discworld, I am also an avid Sherlockian [plug] see my Chance Encounter fics on! [/plug] which isn't quite at the opposite pole from Discworld.

     Sophist is a graduate of St. John's College in Annapolis, MD. For anyone who's heard of it, it explains everything. For anyone who hasn't, she's just a humble fic writer with a Vimes/Vetinari fetish who now drools at the sight of rusty armor.

     Twist is a teenager attending the High School of Horror somewhere in the Eastern US. She has a dog and a most likely unhealthy obsession with horses. She likes fics where Vetinari is OOC, and likes Vetinari in general.

     I write under the pen name 'VimesLady', which should immediately tell you that I'm obsessed with Sir Samuel. You can always recognize my work by the inordinate amount of time and detail surrounding the life and activities of Sam Vimes, whether he is eating breakfast in a PG-13 gen story or... um... engaged in other activities in NC-17 slash. I am in love with a man who is not only married but fictional. Sad, I know, but I enjoy it. Although I was 9 years old when I wrote my first fanfic story and began writing slash when I was 15, I only started sharing my writing on the web in March of 2002, and I consider myself quite lucky to be in a group with so many very talented fanfic authors. I live in the US, near Seattle. I'm female, old enough to know better, and determined never to act my age.