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    You gotta fight... for your right... to paaarty! [PG]
    Summary: Ok, it's been a long day. Brandy, a bath and drinking games... uh oh.

    Missing! [PG-13]
    chapters: 11
    Summary: Carrot is abducted and the kidnappers are not nice people. Vimes is beside himself, and someone in the Watch suspects he cares more for Carrot than he's letting on...
    [Implied slash, but smut-free. Rating for Darkness and some language]

    Broken [PG-13]
    chapters: 8
    Summary: [V/C slash - Episode 4] Carrot has recovered from his dreadful kidnapping and everyone is happy. But its effects have been far-reaching, and things don't stay normal for long... (Implied slash. Rating for dark scene and mild language).

    The End [PG-13]
    Summary: In Jingo, there is a mention of how Vimes' decision to chase the ship had caused a bifurcation in the trousers of time. This is just how I think Vetinari fared. With slash, of course!
    [Warning: Character Death]

    Lalahahala Juice [PG-13]
    Summary: Vetinari has been kidnapped, and drugged. Making him silly, hyper, and horny as hell. Vimes/Vetinari slash.
    [Warning: Major OOC on Vetinari's part]

Miss Malice
    Loose Ends [PG]
    Summary: I'd say it's dark, but it's on fire. I'd say AU, but Pterry himself had suggested it, kind of. It is a Jingo alternate history sketch in rather terminal harmony... But with a happy end. Kind of '-)

    Imagine... [PG]
    Summary: A study in ambiguity and subtext inspired by Badge177's Betrayal. Havelock Vetinari in my favourite time of the day - and in trouble. All things implied...

    A Delicate Hand [PG]
    Summary: A Jingo backstage scene of sorts. Lord Vetinari & Captain Carrot have a talk... and hold hands. Weird...

Mistress Arion*
    Non Timetis Messor [R]
    Summary: One of a kind is always unique. It can also be dangerous. The Patrician has always known that one day Leonard of Quirm would become a threat to Ankh-Morpork; he has been waiting. But when Leonard "improves" Hex one time too many, Vetinari knows the day has come. Why, then, can't he just kill him?

    My Brother's Keeper [PG-13]
    chapters: 6
    Summary: Vimes faces betrayal, threats to his family, danger, anguish, and paperwork.
[ Mystery, Angst




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